Saturday, July 18, 2009


Tonight, I watched an insanely good movie. Its called garden state, And I love it. Although, When I watch movies like that I get a little sad, because I like love, and yet I can never seem to find any.

I think I fell in love with the girl in the movie, her name is samantha. She is REAL. thats what I like about her, she may have flaws, but she doesnt care about them. Shes also quirky. I like quirks. She is also herself, which is the main thing that I care about.

Anyways, I wish she was real so we could be together.

I had a really good day though. I even danced for some customers.

One of the things that I really like about the store, is that you can be yourself, and no one will care. I love the fact that my mother has created an environment where that can be the case. Personally, when I dance and do things like that, I think thats what makes people want to come back. Not me dancing, because thats not impressive at all; But the fact that I can sing and dance in front of a customer. Its fun, not embarrassing.

but, maybe thats just me. The potter does say I'm thespian in nature.

I made a new friend today, now the real fun starts.

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  1. You intrigue me like no other, and it makes me sad to hear you say you can't find love. i would love to have a conversation with you. do you have skype?