Monday, July 20, 2009

every things just a little... pissed off.

Last night I went to burger king with my father, and he was thinking about the angry whopper. he asked what was in it, the cashier dude said a bunch of angry vergetables and sauces. like angry onions, and angry sauce. my dad asked for an explanation, and he said, yeah... everythings jsut a little... pissed off.

It was quite humorous. what some fast food places will do...


my grandfather died this evening. I'm really not sure what to think, I suppose the customary reaction would be grief and sadness.

whatever, I think I will put my emotion into the performance I have to give at the memorial thing tomorrow. That will be enough.

I hope his soul goes someplace good. I wouldnt want it in some unhappy place. I hope his soul ends up in a library. I think he would love that. or in the boundary waters with his ashes.

death. blah blah blah blah. everyone dies. Its gonna happen.

I'm gonna go put some pants on and eat a little grub.

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