Friday, July 24, 2009

dreams tell you what you really want.

It's raining.

Some people take shots of whiskey, bourbon, milk? some people need shots of perspective. I'm here to give it to them.

We live on a planet. This planet has 6 and a half billion people on it. This planet is in a galaxy. in the galaxy there are billions and billions of stars. not the hollywood stars, actual stars. I'm talkin huge burning balls of helium and carbon, the smallest which are millions of times larger than this planet with 6 and a half billion people on it. that galaxy is in the universe. The universe has billions and billions of galaxies in it, each with billions and billions of stars in them each a vast distance away from eachother.

There are things much greater than any of us out there.

So, if you think the world revolves around you, it really doesnt.

just so you know, that isnt for anyone in particular. probly more me than anyone else.

I have spent the morning reading blogs and listening to music. I am enchanted by other peoples writing and life. I guess if you know the right people, you can find interesting things.

I had a dream with her in it last night. She said I wish we could still be friends. It made me quite sad.

laundry calls.

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