Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A candle sits, lit
upon a table. It flickers,
growing brighter brighter, brighter still;
it illuminates the table, and all that is on it
giving life, love, joy, peace
to the objects that it needs to.
sitting, patiently awaiting its final breath,
it gives light, good if you will,
until the almighty hand swoops down,
and with a whisper says
sleep now, slumber; like all good things,


there is an end.


I see a man, every day, he sits in the same spot, orders the same food, stares out the same window, and sits the same way. I often wonder if he thinks the same thing every day, or what there would be to think about. I wonder what great adventures hes been on. he must have had enough, otherwhise he wouldnt be sitting there every day, he would be off doing more adventurous things. I like him though, he seems to exude calm.

I hope to become more relaxed in whatever I do. Its a goal I have.

I'm too tired to continue, I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts. I enjoy putting them down.

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