Wednesday, December 9, 2009

As I see it.

Once, there was a boy. He thought he knew things about the world. And then he met a girl. The boy no longer knew things about the world, in fact, The boy had no clue about anything. This girl had flipped his entire world upside, sideways, and every other ways there was. He had to learn anew what he thought he knew.

He thought he knew about love. He knew nothing!

Maybe it was not that he knew nothing, simply that he did not believe he was right.

He thought he knew about treating people with respect. He knew Nothing!

Perhaps he knew quite well how to treat others with respect, but the girl just did it differently.

He thought he knew about writing. He knew nothing!

Coincidentally, the boy had received several awards for his writing.

After the boy realized this, the girl left. and the boy was left a confused, blubbering, mess.

What I'm trying to say is, dont be insecure about yourself, you are a fantastic person! goodbye.

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