Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm tired

I have decided that among many other things, I am worth only as much as I allow myself to be. So, if you dont like me, which I know you will, Then you can go suck it. There, I said it. You can go suck it.

How liberating it feels to say that.

Anyways, the reason I bring this up, is because I did not get accepted to the degree program that I wanted to get into at one of the schools that I applied to. Not that I woould want to go to that school anyways, I just feel that I am worth more then that. A lot more then that. Oh well, I dont like that hoitie toitie attitude that that school of music has anyways.

Hoitie toitie. haha.

In any case, I cant play tennis with kevin tonight. Oh no! :( que triste...

I also have a solo tomorrow night at the band concert, so if you would like to come watch me, I would greatly appreciate you doing that for me.

I wish I had asian people commenting on my blog telling me we could go do yoga together sometime.

I'm going to the bathroom now.

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