Friday, September 4, 2009

The moon.

For all intensive purposes, this has been the worst day in a long time. But, I am trying not to think of that, and think of only the good things that happened today. I think thats a fairly good thing to try and do, don't you?

So, some good things that happened today.

1. I received the CD of the concert from All-state band, and listened to it 7 times. I thouroughly enjoyed every second of it.

2. I was told that I make Harold happy with my music. That makes me extremely happy, because I love harold.

3. I began to learn a new piece of music, and made very good progress on it. Also, it is a very beautiful piece of music.

4. I made a lot of dollars in tips, so that was good.

5. I had the chance to just sit alone in the park and think for a while, it was very nice.

6. I realized that sometimes making fun of people can go too far.

7. I realized that I have the power to control my own emotions and feelings.

8. I talked to krista for a little while, which is always good.

9. I had a nice and balanced dinner.

10. I had delicious apple crisp that my dad made for me.

11. I will be receiving a free CD pretty soon. I like it.

12. I realized that I love you.

there, I feel a lot better about myself now.

good night.

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