Saturday, May 15, 2010

this is me.

Today, I realize that I am only the music. I am only what I allow to shine through. I am not the praise that I get, I am not the criticism that I get. I am what is inside me. Me is the music, me is my friends who love me for who I am. Me is what makes my innermost thoughts. Me is what makes me happy.

I spend all my time thinking about being in a relationship. Bah! this is not good, this is not who I am. I dont need someone to make me happy, I should be enough for myself. and when my other half comes along, well be able to survive, together, and separate. Thats what I need.

I hope you are out there somewhere. Maybe Ive already met you, and we just dont know it yet.

p.s. if theres anyone who actually reads this, You are a super cool person. because you know me.

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